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Overnight Retreat News


Just a quick reminder to those of you who have signed up for the January 22-25 retreat that your balance is due in full by our December meeting on Monday, December 11th. I will be confirming our numbers with the Retreat Center before we meet again in January so your retreat balance must be paid before then. Remember, you can pay by credit card, cash, or check payable to IEQG.

I'll have more info on the May and September retreats next month or see a previous Newsletter. You can also check with me at the meetings if you have any questions.

Lana Dougherty

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Daytime Retreat News

We finally have a date for the Daytime Retreat – February 10-11, 2018. Cost will be determined shortly and sign ups will be at the December Meeting.

This retreat is limited to 25 people and sorry to say we will not be able to accommodate 1 day sign ups unless you have a person to share the other day with.

Sue Russell

Presidents Message
November, 2017

With the holiday season well underway, it is as important as ever to slow down and enjoy life. I had the privilege recently to officiate at the wedding of a young lady I’ve know for nearly 20 years and as I was working on the ceremony, it reminded me of not only how to treat your loved one, but it actually applies to everyone.

There will be good times and bad times, times you disagree, and that is ok, but do so respectfully and with understanding that everyone sees life through different lens. Each of our journeys is unique just to us and people are brought into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. It’s up to each of us to embrace and accept which one it is.

We have several fun things coming up in the Guild, be sure to

read all the articles in your newsletter so you don’t miss any details.

As always, look out for your fellow quilters and strive to make someone’s day wonderful – you never know what hardships they are going thru!

Sue Russell


Charity Quilts

We are into the new year with a new demand on charity quilts!  Lets get going on making some quilts for charity!

As a reminder: All charity quilts need to be at least 48”x60”, finished and no more than 52”x70”. Backings need to be assembled and 4-6” over in size both in width and length before turning it in to the charity committee.

Gail Olmedo and Laura Moreno

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As a reminder, we are trying to arrive at the meeting site early enough to cool it down and get organized before you arrive, so please be patient and aware that unless you are a chairperson setting up, the doors will NOT open until 6:30.